customer information systems

More than 30 years on the market

Actually CIS is-USYS®.net use 8 400 users

The total number of registered customers is over 11.000.000

CIS is-USYS®.net billing issues yearly over 100.000.000 invoices

The annual invoiced amount in CIS is-USYS®.net is over 3.6 billion EUR


The company was established in 1992 (formerly STAS servis). The sole activity of the company is the development, implementation and support of customer information systems for the water and energy industry and mass media. The sister company USYS Slovakia operates in Slovakia.

Since April 2023 we belong to the group of software companies under the German company Ookam Software. We consider this connection as a positive step towards to new implementations within the European market, as an opportunity to further develop ZIS is-USYS®.net and to strengthen the stability of our company.


ZIS is-USYS®.net
We have been developing custom information systems since 1991. The basic development of the latest generation “CIS is-USYS®.net was completed in 2010.

Microsoft and Oracle were the tools used for its development. The native three-level architecture enables the realization of cloud implementations.

The new generation of the Billing and CRM system intended for implementations outside the Czech republic and Slovakia. The development was finished at the beginning of 2016.


Our product CIS is-USYS®.net is implemented in more than 80 % of the waterworks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the area of energy, CIS is implemented in a number of major companies in Europe.

One of the major implementations for which CIS is used is the collection of subscription fees for ČRo (Czech Radio), ČT (Czech television) and RTVS (Radio and TV of Slovakia).

Gazelle® is new generation of the Billing and CRM system intended for an international implementations for European Electricity and Gas sellers (also for existing implementations in Poland, Croatia and Hungary).


Professionals, who have a detailed knowledge of the supported processes, in addition to knowledge of information technology, form the core of the company USYS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Long-term experience in the field of utilities and media companies ranks the USYS Company among the leaders in the field.

For effective communication with customers, our specialists use the i-FPUZ help desk, enabling monitoring and management of the needs of users.


We perform highly professional analytical work and the implementation of complex structural operations


For a new request, we always actively discuss the solution with the customer and recommend the most suitable one


For our customers, we have successfully launched the outsourcing of ZIS back-office processes. This includes matching payments and processing direct debits and refunds. We are also ready to manage price lists and products or take over invoicing


Analysis and implementation of interfaces to other systems is a matter of course for us


We provide effective and time-optimized new implementations of CIS including data migration (even historical ones)


To ensure sustainable development and easier mutual communication, we actively try to understand your scope of business in the form of personal visits


Customer information systems and CRM

The newest generation of customer information system provides clear and organized user interface, innovative control, and a wide range of functions, solving complex business cases, improved accounting, availability of management information and much more…

CIS and CRM for waterworks

In the area of water supply, CIS is-USYS®..net is the dominant billing and CRM solution on the Czech and Slovak markets (over 85 % market share). Major customers include VEOLIA Water and Energie AG Bohemia.

CIS and CRM for energy suppliers

In the area of alternative electricity and gas suppliers, CIS is-USYS®net is implemented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for a number of important customers such as MND, EPET, EOP, Energie2 and Magna.

CIS and CRM for mass media

In the area of mass media (radio, television) CIS is-USYS®.net is the dominant solution on the Czech and Slovak market (100% market share, ČRo, ČT, RTVS). In total, more than 10 million subscribers are registered in the system.

million of registered customers

years on the market



April 2024

We were approached by another Polish company dealing with the purchase and sale of energy. A binding offer for the implementation of our system has been sent.

March 2024

On Wednesday, March 20, 2024, a waterworks workshop took place in Prague at the City conference center, with more than 50 participants from several dozen waterworks and representatives of waterworks groups.

During a pleasantly spent afternoon, we presented and subsequently discussed together a number of CIS innovations and development plans for 2024 and 2025. We also devoted a substantial part of the workshop to the system’s functionalities, which are most frequently requested by waterworks. Whether from the area of smart metering, customer portals, mobile applications, or the area for notification of outages, improvement of mass (especially electronic) correspondence, automation in the area of communication with customers or entering and signing contracts or entering meter readings.

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to seeing you again at the next workshop!

March 2024

We were approached by a Polish company dealing with the purchase and sale of energy. A binding offer for the implementation of our system has been sent.

February 2024

During January, we evaluated a very successful year 2023 for our company. One number for all – last year we implemented 973 development requests for our new and existing customers.


UTILITIES SYSTEMS has been certified for the implementation and maintenance of an information security management system that meets the requirements of ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2014.

ImplementaTIONS OF CIS SINCE 1992

The latest generation of customer information system CIS is-USYS®.net is implemented in many major companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In Poland, Croatia and Hungary a modified generation of Billing and CRM is implemented under the name Gazelle®.


ONDEO group


MND Energie a.s.
EOP Opatovice, a.s.
TEDOM energie s.r.o.
Lehotsky Capital


Český rozhlas
Česká televize
RTVS (Rozhlas a Televízia Slovenska)

USYS Helps


Work for a successful company

USYS is a very successful Czech IT company operating on the market since 1992, which develops its own extensive information system, used in companies such as Veolia voda, Czech Television, Czech Radio, Bohemia Energy and others. The system is implemented in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.

The offered customer information system CIS is-USYS®.net is the work of a specialized author’s implementation company UTILITIES SYSTEMS a.s., which over 29 years has gained rich experience in the development and implementation of CIS for distributors and sellers of media.

At UTILITIES SYSTEMS a.s. there are experts who deal exclusively with the development, implementation and support of CIS for media distributors. CIS of UTILITIES SYSTEMS a.s. won a number of tenders in the Czech Republic and abroad. The company’s headquarters are in Prague, with branches in Brno and Bánská Bystrica (USYS Slovakia).

We offer to our new colleagues

  • above-average salary
  • paid overtime (over 15 % of standard working hours)
  • work in a quiet residential area next to the park
  • 5 weeks holiday, 3 sickdays / year and HomeOffice
  • an annual bonus for increased efforts in favor of USYS
  • pension and meal voucher contribution
  • English language courses
  • summer corporate event
  • and much more


C# developer

Required knowledge of .NET (C #) – at least ‘intermediate’. Knowledge of WinForms, .NET Remoting, DevExpress libraries is an advantage (but not a requirement). At least elementary orientation in the field of SOAP web services. At least basic knowledge of SQL. The ZIS architecture is a three-tier, client layer on the .net + winforms platform, an application layer on the .net platform hosted in IIS. Client-IIS communication using .net remoting. The data layer is provided by the ORACLE database.

The scope of work is primarily the development of client and application layer.


Web developer

Required knowledge of .NET (C #) – at least ‘intermediate’. Advanced knowledge of web application development, especially from the front-end. Knowledge of HTML5, css, javascript. Recommended knowledge and experience with one of the more widespread JS frameworks (Angular, React). Experience with MVC architecture.

The scope of work will be primarily the development of a thin (purely web) client for the existing application. This is a completely new project (or subsequently a set of projects) within the company. The applicant will play a key role in the project, right from the start (design of the architecture, technologies used, etc.).



The advantage is knowledge of SQL database language, communicativeness and ability to work in a team. Knowledge of Czech or Slovak language is required, English or Polish is welcomed.

The scope of the consultant’s work is to provide customer support, analysis, implementation and service activities. After acquiring sufficient knowledge of the functions of the CIS and its data model, you will perform independent analytical tasks and complex service interventions at the database level. We use our own ticketing system to communicate with customers.




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